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As an Arab reader of literature, sometimes I find a kind of difficulty in tasting the aesthetics of foreign poems, despite my knowledge of these languages. Recently, I found out that the reason beyond this feeling is the nature of the foreign language itself since there is no language more literary, deep and beautiful than the Arabic language on earth.

But the translation of Arabic literature and poems for foreign languages is an impossible task because there is no single foreign language that can bear the wording of aesthetics of the Arabic language so the great writer Abbas Mahmoud Al Akkad launched a book entitled (our poet language) talking about the Arabic language, poetry, literature and comparingbetween the Arabic language and some other languages

Difficult taskS need men of a special kind. Therefore, in VAI Translation agency, we are interested in literary translation, which is not limited to preserving the general meaning and content, and conveying the message clearly. It relies on creativity, preservation of literary and artistic aesthetics, innovation in drafting and preserving the rhetoric in content, as well as raising the value of loyalty to the original text.

Our beautiful language

Dear, reader!

Do not be surprised by the ability of the Arabic language to understand all the well-known languages. It is very easy to translate all literary texts and foreign poems into Arabic. Any certified software office and any beginner translator can translate foreign poetry and literature into the Arabic language. However, only the professional will be able to paraphrase poetic verses with its aesthetics and transfer it into Arabic. This is a difficult feild that VIA Translation is a pioneer in. The natural result obtained when translating a foreign poetry text is another poetic Arabic text that is concerned with the meaning, aesthetics, rhythm and prosody.

The subject becomes more complex when translating an Arabic poetry text into a foreign poetry text, this is not only a difficult task, but it is an impossible task and you will not be able to  find on the whole earth someone who can transfer all the aesthetics of the Arabic language and it’s eloquence into another foreign language. The evidence is too many to mention, but the best evidence on the greatness and beauty of the Arabic language is the descent of the Holy Quran in Arabic and People’s inability to come with averse similar to the verses of Quran and its miracle of language.

Simple example

There aremuch more evidences than this, for example, try to come up with a foreign poetic text crossing the famous poetic verse:

الخيل والليل والبيداء تعرفني … والرمح والسيف والقرطاس والقلم

Swift steeds, dreary nights, and the desolate wasteland, all know me full well   as do the sword, the spear, the writing paper and the pen

Despite the ease and simplicity of the words used But no language will come up eloquently and constructively with the structure of this verse and its similar:

(أنا الذي نظر الأعمي إلي أدبي … وأسمعت كلماتي من به صمم)


Even the blind man was able to see my verses   Even the deaf man was able to hear my words

Therefore, Arabic language is our poet language

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