Renting Interpretation Equipment and Providing Interpretation Services

Renting Interpretation Equipment and Providing Interpretation Services

VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation is one of the best certified translation companies in Egypt where an elite of senior professional translators, specialized in translating all kinds of documents, work in various fields; legal, medical, educational, touristic, conference translation… etc., translating from and into any language and getting over any difficulty in it no matter how it was.

How VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation Provides Equipment of Latest Technology in the Global Market of Translation.

Required to provide high-quality translation services at an affordable price; whether consecutive translation or Simultaneous interpretation.

The consecutive translation is mostly used in meetings containing a couple of people or more, hence, the consecutive translators should be characterized by strong memory to not only deliver the meaning but to express the salient and hidden points of speech equally. They further should be characterized by extraordinary language skills making sure of keeping high standards of translation to enable them to communicate with two or more languages in professional way.

Of course all of the aforementioned is found in VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation; Since our translator listens up and pays attention carefully to what the speaker says, waiting until the speaker finishes, after that the translator starts to translate what he has written down during the speaker’s speech. The equipment used in such type of translation is limited to headphones and transmitters.

While the simultaneous interpretation is employed in major conferences, the interpreters set in isolated booth, listen up to the speaker by headphones, and interpret at the same time through a wireless microphone that transmits the speech into the headphones which the hall attendees put on.

Hence, it is necessary to have a trained interpreter and specialized equipment to provide interpretation services skillfully and quickly; And we, VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation, have the ability to provide these interpreters and equipment.

Through VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation, you can get the latest and most advanced high-quality simultaneous interpretation equipment according to the highest standards which allow the interpreters to listen up to the event discussions and translate such discussions simultaneously into the ears of the multilingual attendees. Simultaneous interpretation requires using technology to create actual communication between the speaker and the listener, and such communication is achieved by using equipment of latest technology in the simultaneous interpretation field.

This equipment includes: Interpreter’s microphones, digital transmitters and receivers, wireless headphones, infrared wireless headphones, podium and sound mixer devices, in addition to supplying soundproof and aluminum-made interpretation booths in different sizes, portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, portable translation equipment, keyboards and audio distribution amplifier, plasma screens in different sizes, in any conference, seminar or any other events no matter how small or big they are.

We provide all of the foregoing and more, if needed, as we have technician to install the equipment and make sure of operating them with the highest quality in the required different places. VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation Technician Team carries out maintenance, solves all various problems which may occur in the emergent situations, and facilities the translation process among interpreters, organizers and delegates till the events takes place safely, easily and super quickly.

But before we hire you such equipment, we get to know all details concerning the required work in order to reach the event peak of success; such details include: Number of halls and rooms, the kind of site required experience, screens and display platforms, number of speakers, number of interpreters, number of attendees, the area which the techniques will cover, and the technical matters related to the event.

Then the projects manager will in details present the simultaneous interpretation equipment to you, how they work and the technology support needed. So our clients should reassure that we will find an appropriate solution that suits their allocated budget, as the team of VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation will choose the best preparations, the most appropriate means, and the lowest cost depending on many elements; and we will prepare these techniques in the determined place and on time.

Renting Interpretation Equipment and Providing Interpretation Services
Renting Interpretation Equipment and Providing Interpretation Services

Translation Equipment


VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation is a distinctive translation company established in Egypt. It has an elite of the best translators and local language experts to help you completing any specialized project in any field; for instance, legal, medical, marketing, and educational fields…etc.

An active, skilled and very carefully-selected team works for us. It is periodically tested to ensure that the company provides the highest quality for its clients. We employ the most modern translation tools using computers (CAT tools) to help our employees meet our clients’ needs. We take care of providing professional translation services in any language with high quality as little time as possible.

We are doing our best in order to be a pioneering international company in translation services field, as we use appropriate tools supported by our wide knowledge, professionalism and ability for innovation in order to be able to manage and carry out any project easily and effectively.

We aim at providing the best possible services for the sake of establishing, maintaining, and promoting ongoing relationships with our clients. We also aim at eliminating any competition by achieving balance among the three elements of project management triangle (Quality, Time and Cost).

Our values are dedicated to clients’ pleasure, and their satisfaction pushes us up to achieve our visions. So, we exert our strenuous efforts to develop ourselves continuously for the sake of our clients. We assure complete security for our clients’ data and pay the utmost attention to such confidentiality. We are available Twenty-Four hours a day throughout week days to answer all of your inquiries.

VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation provides translation service of all kinds of travel documents from and into any language; an accurate translation free and clear of any Linguistic or grammatical mistakes, since we have revisers and proofreaders specialized in revising documents and comparing them to the source language documents to ensure that the translation is free and clear of any translation mistakes or typographical errors. We further provide translation services for all associations and embassies.

VIA TRANSLATION Company for Certified Translation also provides tourism translation service that enables businessmen to reach wider audience segments; hence the worldwide potential numbers of clients will increase. We provide translation services in the tourism field in various kinds of documents including but not limited: Websites, Promotional brochures, tour guide& travel booklets, and information brochures.

Our locations

Our location can be found in any governorate inside Arab Republic of Egypt, and if you contacts us asking for our services, we will come to your location, whatever it is, as soon as possible. We provide delivery services of the certified translation document to your address, wherever you are; and we will communicate with you Twenty-Four hours day. You will find our certified translation branches in several locations:

  • Certified Translation Offices in Cairo:


  • Certified Translation Office in Cairo, Downtown
  • Certified Translation Office in Tahrir
  • Certified Translation Office in Downtown
  • Certified Translation Office in Heliopolis
  • Certified Translation Office in Nasr City
  • Certified Translation Office in Garden City
  • Certified Translation Office in Maadi
  • Certified Translation Office in Zamalek
  • Certified Translation Branches in Giza
  • Certified Translation Office in Agouza
  • Certified Translation Office in Mohandiseen
  • Certified Translation Office in Dokki
  • Certified Translation Office in 6th of October City
  • Certified Translation Office in Sheikh Zayed City
  • Certified Translation Office in the Fifth Settlement
  • Certified Translation Office in Alexandria
  • Translation offices in other different locations


In conclusion, it’s worthy to note that the services of “Via Translation” Office for Certified Translation are not limited to only the translation of travel documents, tourism translation, and have them approved by all embassies, but Via Translation Office for certified translation also provides translation in all fields, such as: legal translation of all legal documents such as contracts, minutes, reports, lawsuit documents, various certificates such as marriage, divorce, and birth certificates, medical translation of medical reports, research of diseases, medicine, leaflets, radiology results, medical tests, and other medical texts. In addition, we provide certified financial translation of companies’ budgets, feasibility study, bank accounts, certified commercial translation of commercial register extracts, contracts, commercial agreements, and other certified types of translation.

Since establishing our office, our constant objective is the persistent hard work targeting to meet our clients’ satisfaction, maintain the confidentiality of data, documents and papers presented to us. We work 24 hours with the utmost accuracy, skill, speed, and honesty in order to gain our client’s good testimony which we are always proud of and place it as a medal of honor on our chests!

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