تحويل الملفات الصوتية إلى نصوص

Watch out!

  • Watch out!

Watch out ,The medicine has…!

  A gift 

A friend came to visit me after returning from a brotherly Arab state and he surprised me with a cream for the treatment knee roughness, the same cream which had worked with his father, so he gave me two tubes to treat my mother who suffers from the same disease as his father but…

The gift comes with a high quality box design but I could not distinguish the language written on it, maybe Japanese or Chinese, and the inner leaflet was written in two strange languages that i have no idea about, so I headed to a close pharmacist to consult him and to know the nature of this cream , but the result was not different. Therefore, I decided not to use this gift until I get a certified translation of the internal medical leaflet attached with the cream to know the therapeutic indications, side effects, drug-to-drug interactions and contraindications of this medicine.

Some may think that there is an exaggeration of the situation and perhaps I should try it first by giving it to my mother and get out of a test result before wasting that gift.

But with the treatment specifically I can not bear that risk. After a period of time, while I was actually to finish some of my work and I kept a copy of the internal leaflet of the cream on the mobile phone so I consulted one of the translators and it was surprising that the cream that my friend gave to my mother turned to be specifically for males only and is not used for the knee roughness but to increase male capacity of older men during sexual intercourse.

Medical translation is an absolute necessity 

The certified medical translation of the internal leaflets for treatment ,medicines and therapy . in particular , the imported medicines from abroad, is one of the most important fields of translation, which we must pay attention for, spresd its culture and its role not only among users but also among the companies of import and export, governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations, as there is a very large amount of drugs and medicine that is being taken without understandable internal leaflets that may lead to disasters if misused.

Pharmaceutical leaflets  ‘translation for approval by the Ministry of Health is one of the most important services provided by VIA TRANSLATION for certified translation since we work with pharmaceutical companies that register medicines inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt for almost ten years. You must know that medical translation is a very special and accurate field in translation, as it requires a great accuracy and a wide knowledge of medical terms and its specialties in addition to the quality of translation. Here comes the role of specialization and the quality of the certified translation offices or agencies.

ViaTranslation opens the gateway for you to send your message to whoever you want, and we help you to register new medicines in foreign countries.   We translate the following file types:

Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)


Pharmaceutical labels and packaging materials

Medical reports

Clinical trials reports



Do not be deceived by the extra confidence in the experiences of relatives and surrounding people, so before using any medical drug you have to take care since the medicine contains…



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