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Certified Translation Center

ViaTranslation is a translation and localization company located in Egypt. We have excellent translators and native experts to help you get through any specialized project in any field, such as legal, medical, marketing, educational fields, etc. Our team is carefully chosen and periodically evaluated and examined to guarantee that we will continue to provide the highest quality. We are using the most state-of-art CAT tools to meet our clients related requirements. Thanks to our big database of native and experienced freelancers, we could provide professional translation services in any language with the highest quality in short time. You can expand your business and enter the Asian, European, American and African markets with confidence by depending on our translation services. We pay great attention to data protection, therefore all our freelance linguists and employees shall sign confidentiality agreements before handling any task.

We exert our utmost efforts to be a leading international company for translation and localization that helps people around the world to communicate without any linguistic or cultural barriers. That is why we make use of proper tools supported by our knowledge, innovation and professionalism in order to be capable of managing and carrying out any project for our clients.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best services available in order to build and maintain further business relationships with our clients.

We also aspire to eliminate any competition by achieving balance between the three corners of the Project Management Triangle (quality, time and cost).

We wish to maintain the friendly atmosphere between our team and our clients so that we will not be carried by the current of strict professionalism.

The pleasure and satisfaction of our clients is what pushes us forward towards the realization of our vision. Therefore, we undertakes to constantly improve ourselves for the benefit of our clients.

Our professionalism does not render us from keeping friendly relationships with our clients, on the contrary; it forces us into listening to our clients’ requests, suggestions, and complaints and involving them in the translation process in order to end up with the best result.

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