Translation is not just converting words of a language into another language, but it is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. Therefore, it requires vast knowledge of languages and cultures to make the target language text sound familiar, understandable and not foreign to the reader.


DTP directs more attention to the appearance of the document, which means that it is concerned with visual elements like format, colors, style, design, and fonts. It is widely used in the translation and design of brochures, pamphlets, manuals, reports, etc.


Nowadays, people prefer to listen and watch rather than read and to speak rather than write. Therefore, much of the material you need would probably be in audio, and it will require to be transcribed. Transcription is converting audio (spoken words) into written words. It is widely used with meetings, interviews, discussions, conferences, presentations, recordings, phone calls, etc.

Subtitling, in general, is adding a text at the bottom of a video with keeping the original voice. It could be either adding a text of the same language of the video (caption) or a text of a foreign language (translated into another language). Whether caption or multilingual subtitles, ViaTranslation assures you a high quality service that deliver your message in any language.


Voice-over is an external audio translation recorded over the original audio of the video. It is commonly used in commercials, animation, movies, documentaries, e-learning, etc.


ViaTranslation provides high quality interpretation services that meetor surpassyour expectations in a wide range of languages. Interpretation requires certain skills, such as excellent listening and speaking skills and communication skills. In addition, interpreters ought to have intuition and vast knowledge of cultures in order to accurately convey the message.



Content Writing

ViaTranslation is here to realize and shape your thoughts and ideas into words. We have highly talented writers ready to impress you with content that surpasses your expectations. We provide audience-oriented text that helps you achieve your target. We are completely capable of providing a remarkable content in many fields, including media, entertainment, marketing, healthcare, education, IT, tourism, and much more.

ViaTranslation offers translation services at affordable and competitive rates to provide your company with the highest quality. We will work with you to ensure that your company receives the best value for our top-quality translation services. We are looking forward to collaborate with your company soon.