Acceptable and unacceptable translation


Translation Detection

In the field of certified translation, we often  meet laughable situations; especially with clients who want to translate for the first time. It often happens that a client comes with a specific document and asks for translation and approval. He then goes to another certified translation agency and requests translating the same document. When the client receives the translated documents, he\she seems to be unsatisfied and all certified translation offices and companies are accused of ignorance, fraud or cheating since he\she found the translated documents not identical.

The translator’s role is quite different from what is common. Many people believe that his role is to convert words and phrases from one language to another, but actually the main role of a translator is to formulate the words, phrases and content of another language without misrepresenting or influencing the subject or content in general. The matter which requires wide knowledge and acquaintance of the different cultures and methods of content formulation in different languages and in the same language as well, and perhaps as Arabs , we are very aware of that point since Arabic language is specifically a very wide space for the formulation of content without influencing on the general meaning so it is very normal to find ten different documents translated into Arabic for the same document but they different in number of words and of course in the selection of terms and words.

At this point, you find the client blaming all certified translation companies, and unfortunately, many translators are deceived by this Illusion.

How can you convince the client that the sentence (Alexandria is the most beautiful country of the whole world in the eyes of its people) is the same sentence as (inhabitants of Alexandria consider it as the most beautiful city in the world)

Translation is Art

So, dear reader you have to know that 

That translation is a special high-level art and not just a specific job that expects the same result every time, so it is not fair to test the certified translation companies in this way to determine the best company or the most skilled.

As if you are asking a group of people to draw a cat and expect that everyone must succeed in drawing the same cat with the same situation in the same size and color.

Dear client, you have to deliver a certificate of accreditation for translation with the translated document to review with the original text. You must then ask yourself whether there is a change in the general meaning or content. Will this certified translated document provide the specific job required to deliver the information to the reader correctly and appropriately with corresponding to its language culture?

Is the translation provided by a certified translation office an acceptable or unacceptable one?


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