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ترجمة الناشر المكتبى


Google translation

Translation  Millions of Internet users can log into Google Website to search for the meaning of a word or term through the free translation service provided by the most powerful search engine “Google”, but it is difficult in most cases because the word has more than one meaning in the dictionary and its meaning varies depending on its position in the sentence.

In some cases, it works to reach a result that satisfies the user because he\she wants to get 50% of the intended meaning due to on the fact that the engine adopts literal translation of words or terms .However, no skilled and professional Internet user can obtain a professional and certified translation of an important foreign document by using the various search engines and excellent professional translation services existing, and available on the Internet. No matter how the accuracy of translation sites and software is, you will never be able to eliminate the role of the human factor and translation offices accredited around the world which provide translation services and various certified translations.

مركز ترجمة معتمدة

What is certified translation? It is a translated document with a seal of approval from a certified translation agency -Provided that it shall be authorized by the competent authorities in the State – The document shall be accompanied by a legal declaration proving its conformity with the original document figuratively and technically, the date and signatures shall be provided on the original document in addition to attaching the certified translation agency‘s logo , its address and the specified contact details with the translation agency.

Only this translation – certified translation – shall be presented and accepted as a translated file in official authorities such as foreign embassies, consulates, governmental or non-governmental bodies such as universities, various foreign university councils, official and legal courts, and other bodies or authorities.

Uncertified translation or ordinary translation is a translation with no seals or acknowledgment of responsibility and is often printed on white paper without even a logo for a translation agency. It is not so much different from a literal translation of any website such as Google, thus it is unacceptable and unreliable translation in any governmental or official body.

The Translator and his role

كتابة المحتوى

Of course this does not mean that there is no need for translation softwares and website services, but we shall identify and know the role of such softwares. They are just tools used by the translator to get better wording, identify the different meanings of the word and to choose the suitable meaning and adjust the context in which it is translated.

The role of the expert translator is not as it is common that is converting words and terms from one language to another, but it is rewording and rephrasing  for another language without any defaults that may affect the meaning or content intended to be delivered through the original text, such process requires knowledge and acquaintance of cultures and languages. In summary, once you feel some kind of oddity and weirdness of sentences and terminology in a translated document you are reading, , this shall be considered as a failure in the translation process.


Our fields 

Whatever your field of expertise or services (financial, legal, Literary, marketing, medical, pharmaceutical, technical or tourism) or if you wish to travel or emigrate, certified professional translation is never dispensable.    There is no substitute for certified translation offices, and here comes the role of VIA Translation as we provide Certified translation by the US Embassy, certified translation by the British Embassy, Certified translation by the German Embassy, certified translation by the Embassy of Canada, certified translation by the Australian Embassy, certified translation by the French Embassy, certified translation by the Spanish Embassy, certified translation by the Dutch Embassy, certified translation by the Russian Embassy, certified translation by the Ukrainian Embassy, certified translation by the Turkish Embassy and certified translation by the Embassy of Hungary, certified translation by the Czech Embassy, Certified translation by the Portuguese Embassy, Certified translation by the Swiss Embassy, certified translation by the Embassy of Malaysia, certified translation by the Embassy of Thailand, certified  translation by the Swedish Embassy, certified translation by the Belgian Embassy, certified translation by the Embassies of the Arab States, certified  translation by all the North African embassies and an official translation of all official and governmental bodies and all embassies and consulates.

VIA Translation offers certified translation of the following documents:   Certified Translation of memorandum of associations, certified Translation of employment contract, Certified translation of marriage contract,  Certified Translation for visas, Certified translation for all degree of diplomas, Certified translation of experience certificates, Certified translation of medical reports,  Certified translation of Secondary Budget, Certified translation of the Movements Certificate, Certified translation of declarations, Certified translation of Commercial Registers and Tax Cards, , certified translation of title deeds, Certified translation of birth certificates, Certified Translation of criminal records, Certif

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ied Translation of Personal ID,  Certified translation of the grade statement, Certified Translation of Bank Statements and other documents


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