مركز ترجمة معتمدة

French law and Arabic text


Laws to preserve rights 

It is well known that the various Egyptian courts work according to French law. a close friend working in the legal field has once told me that the legal documents are the only guarantee of rights and that drafting of these documents may achieve the interest and guarantee the rights. A simple grammatical or a single verbal mistake may result in loss of rights or may bring the hammer down. 

Old story

Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf al-Thaqafi once sent a letter with a guy to join him as a soldier in the ranks of the army. At that time, the Arabic language did not have letters with points. The text of the letter was ((keep)accept him in the army) and it was read (kill him in the army), immediately the guy was unfortunately killed.

This mistake occurred in translation and understanding of a message in the same language, let alone what might happen if it’s a different translation and different languages as well.

Therefore, accuracy and preservation of content and purpose is must when convying or translating any text

VIA Translation Company for legal service

In VIA Translation,   We feel the importance of accuracy and quality specifically in the translation of legal texts and commitment to clarity and content for preservation of rights and to achieve public interest. This is the honesty that we carry on our shoulders as we observe Allah first.

Therefore, it is very normal to find in all our documents the correct punctuation , as well as taking into account legal terms, clarifying them, indicating the meaning and purpose of their existence in the legal document.

There is no need,to mention and repeat that any foreign documents will not be registered in the administrative courts without being certified and approved by an accredited translation office to ensure the preservation of the content, purpose and meaning and any papers submitted to foreign embassies and other bodies must also be adopted.

Special field and distinguished service 

Therefore, legal translation service is avery special field in which we excel through the translation services of various documents and legal documents Such as birth or death certificates, criminal records, certificates of graduation, temporary university certificates, General secondary Education certificates, marriage contracts, divorce certificates, movement certificates , as well as contracts, customary and registered Conventions, etc., and the establishment of trades contracts as well as the translation of laws and regulations, building licenses and other and internal policies in companies and laws. It also provides patents service of translations.

We are honored to be able to provide certified translations to all embassies including embassies of (USA, Canada, Britain, France and others).   We are also honored to provide certified translation to all agencies, government departments and Real Estate Registration Authority.




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