Subtitling, in general, is adding a text at the bottom of a video with keeping the original voice. It could be either adding a text of the same language of the video (caption) or a text of a foreign language (translated into another language). Whether caption or multilingual subtitles, ViaTranslation assures you a high quality service that deliver your message in any language.

Bearing in mind the special nature of subtitling, we capture the soul of the original video in such short sentences. Our project management enables us to easily handle large projects. We promise a perfectly synchronized accurate subtitle for your video.

Based on the nature of your project, we recommend rendered subtitle (fixed onto the original video and always visible), embedded subtitle (shown on the video but can be hidden at choice), and/or external file in any format suits your project.



ViaTranslation is a translation and localization company located in Egypt. We have excellent translators and native experts to help you get through any specialized project in any field, such as legal, medical, marketing, educational fields, etc. Our team is carefully chosen and periodically evaluated and examined to guarantee that we will continue to provide the highest quality. We are using the most state-of-art CAT tools to meet our clients related requirements. Thanks to our big database of native and experienced freelancers, we could provide professional translation services in any language with the highest quality in short time. 


Why Us

  • We ensure the protection of clients’ data and give confidentiality the utmost importance
  • We strictly follow certain quality standards designed to ensure high quality services
  • We solve the equation of high quality services versus affordable prices in a timely manner
  • Being Arabic-speakers, we are able to differentiate between Arabic dialects
  • We integrate the latest technologies in our work to finish projects as quick as possible
  • We have huge database of translators, editors, and experts in all fields maintaining accuracy throughout the project
  • We detect quality through each phase of the translation process
  • We are available 24/7