Medical Translation

The Benefit of Using Medical Translation

What are the Features of Medical Interpretation?

Medical interpretation is translating the dialogue between patients and doctors speaking in different languages. Medical interpretation is considered a type of consecutive interpretation, when the interpreter listens to the source-language speaker and translates the speech in the target language. This is usually used between the patient and doctor. The main difference between simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation lies that the interpreter translates along with the speaker who listen to translation through headsets.  The medical translation also used in a medical conference or a pharmaceutical lecture attended by a large multilingual audience. Medical interpreters provide necessary service to get rid of language obstacles and pave the communication between medical staff and patients. Therefore, it is essential to understand correctly in the medical field which results providing a better care for patients and reducing mistakes.

Difference Between Medical Translator and Interpreter.

The medical translator translates written texts, while the medical interpreter translates spoken word. He is the bridge between patients and doctors or doctor and his medical stuff speaking different languages. Therefore the clear communication between all of them is defiantly essential. Like the legal field, any mistake can made in medical translation may cause a serious harm.



The Importance Medical Interpreter

There is a lack of medical interpreters in the United States which may affect negatively on the patients are not fluent in English. Neither the fluent person, bilingual employees nor patient’s family members can help, It is only the medical interpret who can provide a professional and accurate service.  Patients. As any mistake in a medical translation may cause more pain and suffering to the patient which needs to be avoided.


Synonyms may cause confusion, for example The word “intoxicado” in Spanish seems a lot like “intoxicated.” in English, but there is a difference in meaning. In Spanish it means drunk and in English it may mean nausea or poisoned. Therefore, this misunderstanding may cause a lot of suffering and aggravate the disease because the patient may be given the wrong medicine and rest in bed, while all he needs is a gastric lavage.


Wrong Medication and Dosages

The patient may not understand the correct dose prescribed and take the wrong medication due to medical interpreting errors or lack of proper communication between him and a healthcare provider. Incorrect doses can also cause side effects then the medicine will turn into poison.

Wrong Instructions For Aftercare

The patient must understand the doctor’s instructions carefully to be able to take care of him after returning home. As any mistake may be dangerous to the patient’s life. For example, how to take the medicine with a meal, how to take care with his injury, or avoid drinking alcohol. Inaccuracies in medical interpretation can cause confusion to the patient. For example, the patient takes the drug twice daily instead of taking two capsules once a day, using an oral topical treatment, or re-infecting one of the organs due to lack of rest.


Statistics indicate that a large number of patients who do not speak the doctor’s language are returning to take instructions again or emergency room because they do not understand the instructions of treatment.


Loss of Patient Rights

The patient does not get all his rights if he does not well understand what is going around him. You can imagine it is difficult if you were sick and in pain and do not understand what people around you say. Terrifying and Confusion do not help patients to recover. It is not the responsibility of and the patient’s family to provide translation services on their own.

Interpretation service for medical care

The world has become a small village. as a result of  the movement of people between countries has become more and more easier, so language barriers must be broken by provide medical interpretation service in medical institutions.

To provide the best care in hospitals, medical institutions, medical practices and even dental clinics, we must provide h specialized medical interpretation service. The medical interpreter must be proficient in both the source and target languages as well as familiar with medical terms.

We can provide you with medical interpreter by phone, video call, or in person. And if you use phone services, it will be easy and fast for you. Medical institutions must provide a medical translation to help patients recover physically but also to provide psychological comfort for them and their families.


The Most Needed Language Service


Medical interpreters help patients to obtain better medical care and reduce the occurrence of malpractice and save time and reduce the suffering caused by language barriers. We are ready to help patients and communicate with our medical staff at any time and they are ready to help patients. Contact with Vai Translation Company specialized in medical interpretation to get the services that you need.

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